Vampires are coming out of the woodwork, a new evil walks the hallowed streets of Putney, South London and the ridiculed Putney Vampire Killers face their biggest challenge yet – saving the World…and the Oxford v Cambridge Boat Racein under 12 hours.


Armed with their magical pool cues and working out of The Great Lodge, a living building disguised as a pub (The Pig & Phoenix) and rumoured to have gone senile, Carl, Lola, Johnny and Bert take on a host of supernatural beings on the Lower Richmond Road while trying to rid the world of the infamous magical Eight Ball.  Vampires, zombies, fish demons, Time Police and a pan-dimensional indestructible plague of female pirates stand between them and the end of the planet. Can they do it and get back in time to open the pub before a swarm of angry punters have their necks?


Eight Ball Down is quite simply one of the funniest and most enjoyable books I have ever read.  A S Thomsen is the Terry Pratchett of the Vampire world!”


Tracy Edwards MBE -  Round -The-World Yachtswoman and Best-Selling Author.






 Imagine a world where dysfunctional pool players stand between you and the end of the planet...


A Putney Vampire Killers Adventure



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